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New Wedding Rumour


The Sunday Mirror - January 7, 2001



Sorry girls but Leo's marrying his model


I'm not in the business of making young girls cry but here goes...Leonardo DiCaprio is getting married.

The diary can reveal that the Titanic star has popped the question to supermodel Gisele Bundchen and the couple plan to tie the knot this summer.

"Leo's madly in love with Gisele. He has really fallen for her and now wants to show it by making the ultimate commitment," a close friend told me.

"Leo wants a summer wedding, but they have not decided where they will marry or exactly when.

"Leo is besotted with her and does not mind who knows it. He has always had an eye for Latin beauties and Gisele certainly fits the bill, but he was one of the last people you would expect to settle down."

The couple started dating last spring, but split in the summer when Gisele, 20, dumped him declaring she was "sick" of his tantrums.

Weeks later the romance was back on again and they were pictured together.

They were rumoured to have got engaged last October when Leo, 25, bought Gisele a pounds 125,000 diamond ring.

The supermodel denied it, claiming she was too young to get married.

Now it looks like she has had a change of heart and will walk down the aisle with Leo.

"It is great to see him happy and he feels their relationship is really working out," Leo's pal says. "They have not known each other for that long and their romance is pretty tempestuous, to say the least. But he is certain this is the one."

Sorry, girls. - January 8, 2001



Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen are in the marrying mood again. Having hotly denied rumours last year that they were planning to tie the knot, the glamorous pair are said to be aisle-talking once more. The Hollywood heartthrob, who reportedly got into trouble on the set of his latest film, Gangs of New York, when director Martin Scorsese decided that he was spending too much time on the telephone to his Brazilian babe, is rumoured to have popped the question more than once. And this time he seems to have got his way. Catwalk supremo Bundchen has been spotted wearing a 125,000 diamond ring, and the beautiful pair, who have been dating since last spring, are reportedly planning to marry in the summer.

by Tom Munro

Hello (UK) - January 9, 2001

Ever since free-spirited teen idol Leonardo DiCaprio first spotted statuesque Brazilian Gisele Bundchen on the catwalk in 1998, the pair have teased fans with their on-and-off relationship. Only last July, Leo was said to be devastated after the supermodel dropped him for her ex. But recent sightings of the pair suggest they’re more of an item than ever, and even that a wedding is on the cards. The lovebirds have been pictured often enough enjoying outings together – but this time they brought their families along. Over the festive season, Gisele’s parents and five sisters, including twin Patricia, joined her for the first time as she visited the screen heart-throb at his Malibu Beach mansion. And Leo’s mother, Irmelin, who was introduced to Gisele over lunch at a Brazilian restaurant last year, reportedly prepared a New Year’s Eve dinner for the whole clan. The DiCaprios and Bundchens got together not only to feast but also to work off the season’s surplus calories, with a game of volley ball on the beach. Amid all the family fun, Leo and Gisele did once slip away by themselves, and made for one of Leo’s favourite eateries on Sunset Boulevard. There, as he tucked into some favourite Mexican fare, the Titanic star displayed an appetite to match the blockbuster movie that made him a household name.


People News com - January 9, 2001

Leo and Gisele tipped to marry

Summer wedding for Titanic actor?

According to close friends, Leonardo DiCaprio has proposed to his girlfriend, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and the pair are planning to marry this summer. ‘Leo’s madly in love with Gisele,’ says the friend. ‘He has really fallen for her, and wants to show it by making the ultimate commitment. Leo wants a summer wedding.’ The golden couple have been dating for almost a year, and share a beachfront home in Malibu. In recent months, despite on-off rumours linking her to her previous boyfriend, billionaire Joao-Paulo Diniz, Gisele has made frequent trips to Rome, to visit Leo on the set of his latest film, Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York. The pair were thought to have previously got engaged in October, when the actor forked out a six-figure sum on a diamond ring for his girlfriend, but Gisele was quick to deny the rumours. Now, however, it seems that she has had a change of heart. ‘Their romance is pretty tempestuous,’ admits the source, ‘but he is certain this is the one.’

And a story by The Daily Star (UK) - January 14, 2001 :

Life's a beach


LEONARDO Di CAPRIO and fiance Gisele Bundchen are obviously coasting through the countdown to their summer wedding.

They only had eyes for each other as they frolicked on the sand outside The Beach star's seafront home in Malibu, California.

And the sun didn't really need to come out - with their love shining brightly for all the world to see as supermodel Gisele squealed in delight making a game of chasing after lucky Leo.

Despite being the romantic targets of millions of adoring fans around the world, the couple are turning their backs on the singles scene by marrying in six months.

So Leo, whose fame took off from his lead role in Titanic, invited Brazilian beauty Gisele and her family to his home for New Year.

After all, a nice holiday would give his parents a chance to get closer with his intended's relatives long before the big day.

Leo's mum Irmelin made the Brazilian guests feel welcome by arriving a couple of days before them to prepare a party for New Year's Eve.

But mostly, the beach break just gave Leo and Gisele more opportunities to bond.

We were first to reveal how he had proposed with a 125,000 diamond and platinum ring after being afraid he'd lose the 20year-old beauty following an earlier brief split.

It was Gisele, though, who was constantly pursuing Leo when they played Catch.

Then they later took partners to face each other across a volleyball net. Gisele, wearing rolled-up blue jeans, formed a team with her dad to play Leo, who wore a grey T-shirt and khaki shorts.

And her sisters and friends also joined in the fun of the beach sport which is hugely popular in their home country.

Gobsmacker Gisele - voted the world's sexiest woman in one magazine poll - wasn't even worried about the takeaway burger meal she'd scoffed before the game as she leapt about.

Last May, when she and Leo began dating, their aides insisted they were "just friends".

But their actions told a different story as they kissed in the middle of a dance floor in front of celebrities at a New York fashion bash.

And despite the pair splitting up when Gisele dumped him - declaring she was "sick" of his tantrums - they were back together weeks later.

As they became more and more inseparable, Leo was read the riot act by film director Martin Scorsese for being repeatedly late for work on the movie Gangs Of New York because of his passionate nights with Gisele.

He had been clubbing and dining with her in Rome, where the production was on location, and never left her until the early hours.

Scorsese snapped after fuming for 10 minutes in front of the assembled other cast and crew - and made his embarrassed star apologise to everyone for delaying the shooting.

That prompted Leo to propose, although Gisele at first claimed she was too young to get married. Now she's clearly decided otherwise.


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