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September 18, 2001

This was included in the newsletter sent thru email today by Entertainment Tonight:

A Message from Mary Hart: America Comes Together

Also in Los Angeles, SHAQUILLE O'NEAL decided to stick to plans for his annual Shaq-Tacular to help kids get back to normal. Meanwhile, GEORGE CLOONEY drove his motorcycle around Los Angeles with Old Glory waving from the back. And LEONARDO DiCAPRIO attended a memorial at Bel Air Presbyterian.

In New York, "The Sopranos" star JAMES GANDOLFINI worked alongside other volunteers at Ground Zero. His former co-star AL SAPIENZA helped load body bags until 4:30 in the morning. Former firefighter STEVE BUSCEMI lent a hand while ROBERT DE NIRO's TriBeCa restaurant provided hot meals for the emergency personnel.

There are also plans in the works for future benefits. WHOOPI GOLDBERG is reportedly organizing another Comic Relief to help raise funds and MICHAEL JACKSON is teaming up with BRITNEY SPEARS, DENTINY'S CHILD, *NSYNC and members of the BACKSTREET BOYS to produce "What More Can I Give." Michael hopes the benefit single raises $40 million in aid. Tonight on ET, we'll show you the extraordinary efforts of the country to return to normal.

Many thanks to Jackie !


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